Paul Waldman’s post on The New York Times is right on the money. The Times has an outsized amount of influence and I really wonder why it wields it the way it does.

Our media will be our downfall. Part whocankeeptrack?

A quick follow-up to a post I wrote about years ago: Joni Mitchell et al., return to Spotify. Ah, well.

Right! Our media will be our downfall, Inquirer!

The media will be our downfall part infinity.

As little as I have loved Republicans the past few years, coinciding with the rise of our own little autocrat, at least Donald Trump knows how to dress. I can’t imagine that even he would demean his office or his country by dressing down, as is now the “code” for senators. Clothes might not make the man or woman, but they do tell us a great deal about them.

Yeah, fuck those actions. It’s what you are wearing. The fact we* are talking about Fetterman’s dress means we aren’t paying attention (or don’t care) about what is going on. “Call me old fashioned,” says the old white lady. I’ll do you one better. You are a problem.

*We being our media.

As I’ve written in the past, if Earth was described in a science fiction story, it wouldn’t be believed.

Look at these pictures: The Earth is wonderful. And these photographers are so awesome at their jobs. Thanks, photographers!

I listen to the Apple New Today podcast every day. I find it to be the best of the <10 min morning news summaries. I have noticed that in the last few months ANT has been adding more and more sound bites from ESPN. With all the talk about Apple buying Disney, I wonder if Apple in particular wants ESPN.

I have no good feelings for Mitch McConnell. At all. On any level. That being said, when he froze up and then regained a bit of lucidity, his assistant asked reporters, “Any more questions?” 1) That’s incredibly callous, bordering on eldercare abuse and 2) How was the very next question not, “Are you going to call an ambulance, you fucking monster?”

Someone needs to make an app that makes it easy to subscribe and unsubscribe to streaming services. I think I could save a lot of money it was easier to turn these services on and off.

You know, kind of like how you can toggle off a subscription on an iPhone.

Our media will be our downfall: SCOTUS edition.

Our media will be our downfall: CNN edition. How how how are people surprised CNN is a POS? How?! The only time I go to CNN is to check my internet connection.

Our media will be our downfall, CNN edition.

Our media will be our downfall, on-going edition.

NYTimes labels Nazis as eccentric

Did I mention that our media will be our downfall? Well, Our Media Will Be Our Downfall.

I am currently reading The Angel on the Roof by Russell Banks. This American Life recently included an old segment featuring Banks. I got the book from the library and they had to dig it out of the archives. That made me a bit sad. It’s slow reading for me, but I am enjoying the stories.

I somehow had missed the book Revolution in the Valley by Andy Hertfeld. Many of the stories, if not all, are available on his site, Folklore, but I am glad to have the stories in one collection to hold. And the pictures are bigger and that’s fun for me.

We’ve been watching Bad Sisters and that’s been a blast. How I can really, really like this family is something else. But I really do.

And because I am weak, and will watch anything sci-fi, I started watching The Ark. It’s buttocks. I watched the three available episodes (I know, I know, I can’t help myself).

Finally, raise a glass to Leiji Matsumoto who helped create Space Battleship Yamato, known in the U.S. as Star Blazers.

I know, I know. I complain on this blog (likely to a void… hello, no one!), but I try to get it out of my system so I don’t explode.

Anyway, in Edition 53,721 of Our Media Will Be Our Downfall is this article about how the new White House person is ineffective.

The more I think about it, the more rage-filled I become. I never, ever read anything like this when Angry Potato, Meal Interrupted, Blonde Mouth were doing the job. Never.

Our media will be our downfall… part 3 of what will surely big a big number.

Our media will be our downfall. This was an attempted assassination of the speaker of the house. Right before an election. How is this not bigger news?

Neil Young, Joni Mitchell… I can’t quite work it up yet, but it’s like they are going on strike against Spotify. It’s not a boycott since it’s more than they aren’t using the service itself. They are no longer letting their music work for Spotify. The part I can’t work up is there’s a lesson about the rest of us going on strike. You know, if we want real change in the country. I know folks say vote… I do. Am I supposed to vote harder? Anyway, I hope more artists follow their lead, and I hope fewer people listen to podcasters who spout lies.