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I find great pleasure in planning the meals for the week. You know: planning the meals. making the list, clearing out the fridge and wiping down the shelves, going shopping (this varies as to how insane the Food Coop is), and repacking the fridge. It feels like an honest-to-goodness privilege to be able to take care of my family this way.

When people say they hate big government, they mean they hate spending money on non-white people. Otherwise they love them some big government.

Meanwhile, it’s the contractors in his state that are making out like bandits, now closing in on nearly $900 million of border wall contracts, Texas Observer says.

Can you imagine living amongst (and having to serve) the very people who actively signed a petition to stop your raise?

The Age of No Consequences:

Meta reinstated former President Donald Trump’s social accounts on Wednesday following a two-year suspension over his role in praising the rioters who stormed the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021.

Meta President of Global Affairs Nick Clegg wrote in a blog post that the former president will face “heightened penalties” if he continues to break the social media giant’s content rules.

Now that this is becoming a regular occurrence, I wonder if I have any classified documents in my home!

A lawyer for Pence, a potential 2024 presidential candidate, found the documents during a search of the former vice president’s Carmel, Ind., home, according to letters to the National Archives. Gregory F. Jacob, a designated representative for Pence’s vice presidential records, said the FBI collected documents from the Pence home on Jan. 19.

More power to them!

I’m starting to come around to loving this guy.

The latest revelation about Santos’s seemingly never-ending list of lies that was reported by Politico on Friday centered around an old Wikipedia user biography that appears to belong to him and that claims he appeared in the Disney channel show Hannah Montana alongside Miley Cyrus.

I know, I know. I complain on this blog (likely to a void… hello, no one!), but I try to get it out of my system so I don’t explode.

Anyway, in Edition 53,721 of Our Media Will Be Our Downfall is this article about how the new White House person is ineffective.

The more I think about it, the more rage-filled I become. I never, ever read anything like this when Angry Potato, Meal Interrupted, Blonde Mouth were doing the job. Never.

It’s clear now the right isn’t interested in causing problems which only it can solve with its own take on the situation, it’s purely going cause problems and have the solution be them literally stopping themselves from causing the problems. It’s like protection money but for the whole country. When this scaled up, when does the rest of the world just decide to have nothing to do with the United States?

My son and I watched The Last of Us and, as expected, it was excellent. I wish my son and I had more comedies to watch together, but I’ll take any good TV that helps us spend more time together.

The American Taliban are still here.

Wait wait wait. You can arrest people who attack the capital the day it happens?! That’s unpossible!

I recently finished Elder Race by Adrian Tchaikovsky. It’s a short story that was recommended by Jason Snell in Episode 439. What a fun read about space travel and why the Prime Directive is so important. Thumbs up. Oh, it doesn’t have anything to do with Star Trek and the Prime Directive, it’s just what I thought about.📚

Watched The Banshees of Inisherin and while it’s listed as a black comedy, I think it should have been “Quite a dark, dark comedy.” This film had excellent acting and I give it a thumbs up.

Years ago my family and I walked along Inishmore which is part of the Aran Islands and the film’s location reminded me of being there. I could very easily see myself living on Inishmore (other than the language) one day.🍿

Kevin 15 it is then.

If McCarthy does end up as speaker, he really needs to be called Kevin “(number of times it took to vote him in)” Tries. So, you know, Kevin Thirty Tries. The only exception should be if the number ends in a seven in which case he would Kevin Forty-Seven.

Good lord. Why stop at two?

We watched the new Will Ferrell movie Spirited and it was actually a lot of fun. Yay! Ferrell just needs one more Christmas movie for the trifecta. We also watched The Muppet Christmas Carol and I’ve decided it’s the best version of all of the different A Christmas Carol I’ve seen. Finally, I alone watched Moonfall and it was terrible. So, now you don’t have to watch it. I knew it would be, but I rather enjoy watching terrible movies. I should really be reading books, but we all have our faults.

It’s amazing to me the people of Texas will continue to put up with a state government that refuses to make a better power grid. It feels like, in the case of Texas, it’s inevitable the grid will fail when it’s most needed.

People trash talk the Post Office’s new mail truck, but I absolutely love its look. I wish more cars and trucks had such good visibility and low step-in height. And they’ll be more of them sooner than later.

How do you ruin Twitter? Slowly, then really, really fast. Holy cow is the grifter ruining it quickly.

As far as I can tell, my last post on Instagram was Feb, 19, 2022. Instagram was something I really liked, but the more people I followed (that I actually knew) the sadder I became. There were simply too many posts with staged setups. Maybe it was jealousy over what they were portraying as their perfect lives (even though I knew it was all staged nonsense). In any event, I stopped posting. I did try to start up a small photo account, but for some reason I never took to it. I could always try again, but in order to make it work, I need to set up a routine and I’m not yet motivated into making one. Here’s to 2023!

As far as I can tell, my last:

  • Original tweet was Feb 25, 2022
  • Retweet was Nov 18, 2022
  • Last reply to someone (Xeni) was Oct 21, 2022

I haven’t checked it in about a month and it’s honestly pretty easy. I know it’s harder for folks who depend on it for exposure/work and have something to lose, but for a regular schlub like me it’s been pretty easy. I’m glad I never needed Twitter for anything important.

I don’t even post here all that often, but I always mean to.

Our media will be our downfall… part 3 of what will surely big a big number.

The Car-Free Dream.