I’ve long said NYC isn’t as pedestrian-friendly as it should be. When the pandemic first took hold here it was actually much easier to walk around. Not that I want the pandemic to come back as it was (it’s still here), but it was quieter and safer to be outside with fewer cars.

Every time I read about spikes in COVID cases I get super paranoid. Then I realize many (not all, of course) of these places are super anti-mask and I worry a little less. We all wear our masks when we leave and most everyone we pass on the street does too. It’s so easy to do.

My dilemma is to keep ranting about politics or … Naw, I’m going to keep ranting (and voting) until things get better. Well, I’ll keep voting if it gets better. :)

I’ve had to adjust my expectations for Thanksgiving. It’s just my immediate family. The pandemic is terrible and I wish it hadn’t happened, but I do like just being with my family.

Thanksgiving Day is tomorrow. And that means instead of a gathering of 25+, we’ll be just us four. And a call or two (Zoom/FaceTime) because we’re being responsible and not trying to kill anyone.

I’m optimistic that Thanksgiving 2021 will be as wonderful as it should be.

I love it when a tweet sums up my feelings. The right still controls the narrative.

I think every trip to the grocery store has to include non-perishable provisions. If I can carry it, I’ll get it.

When I went to the grocery store this evening for a forgotten ingredient, I noticed more and more seating built along the street. Wood frames, plexiglass-type windows, ceilings, lights… these structures will capture COVID just like indoor seating. Don’t use these!

Our collective activity is bordering on insanity.

During my walk around Brooklyn yesterday I came across two huge lines of people waiting to get tested for COVID. I’ve not seen that happen ever while this pandemic was going on. I assumed they were getting ready for travel. Today, there’s more parking around my neighborhood than I’ve seen in a long time.

The pandemic is about to get a huge boost in hosts.

I’m going to bed at 9pm on a Saturday. If autumn does this to me already, I worry what winter will do. Zzzzz…

Today marks one full week with the iPhone 12 mini and I have absolutely no buyer’s remorse. It might very well be my favorite iPhone, but if it’s not, it’s in the top 2 or 3. Nostalgia plays tricks on the mind and so maybe I’m remembering the first iPhone because it was so revolutionary rather than being a great product. The iPhone 5, however, was so just fantastic. I remember thinking it was impossibly light. This mini almost feels the same way.

The battery has not been an issue on any level. Now, granted, I’ve not been going out as much and only once did I get the Low Battery Power warning, but it was a day of early rising combined with a bought of insomnia (and so lots of doom scrolling), so a smaller battery hasn’t changed my habits or caused me any inconvenience.

This iPhone was $250 less than my iPhone 11 Pro, is easier to hold, and is somehow cute. So far, I fully recommended it.

I hope this time will never fade from my memory or the memory of my children. I want them to always remember who allowed this to happen and is allowing it to get worse every day.

If those supporting or attempting to perpetrate a turnover of the election results are not punished for their actions, they will continue these attempts until they are successful.

Then democracy will have failed in the United States.

Seventy-one million voted for Trump after seeing what he was like in practice. Certainly good judgement has already failed.

This person might be the worst possible choice for Secretary of Transportation. I’m not saying Biden is going to pick Rahm… But if he does… He couldn’t pick a worse person. Rahm is a terrible person in every meaning of the word.

Is 250,000 a lot?

When Apple begins to act up, I always take a step back to reassess my dependence on their products and services. I’m glad today’s step, however small, was in the right direction.

By the time I retire from day-to-da y work, I hope I can ride an expanded train system in the United States.

My mind is having a hard time finding memories. I’m not worried that I’m losing my mind, it’s just with so much going on I can’t easily keep track of when events happened.

Fox News is very bad. In fact, I used to think it was the worst. But Facebook is far worse.

Not only it is easier to amplify a message, folks interact and they can (and do) organize. The hates spreads faster and builds and builds. For the record, Twitter isn’t much better.

I am not sure this counts as spooky… maybe more as eerie Or just sad. The New York Times’s Twitter account about war is shutting down before the wars end.

My guess was right: This iPhone 12 mini is very good. I’m still unsure of the battery, but it’s new so I’ll give it a few days to get itself together.

I think the most surprising aspect of my Apple Watch is that it’s not been an issue to wear it. I really thought I’d hate feeling something on my wrist.

Say what you want, but a few months of $100… and I have a new Mac mini. Hmm…

Because of this administration, this election cycle, and the current shenanigans, I don’t just feel old and tired, I feel elderly. I wake up at night and can’t get back to sleep for hours and hours. I actually feel like I’m going mad.