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I can’t recall the last time we had a Spring this pleasant in NYC.

Kathy Hochul’s decision to “pause” congestion pricing in NYC is cowardly, disingenuous, and wrong.

It reminds me of the decision Michael Bloomberg (of whom I am no fan) made banning smoking in bars and restaurants. The critics all came out saying it would hurt those businesses. Of course, the opposite happened.

It’s the same with congestion pricing: It won’t harm business, it will ultimately help them. A lot. There are many examples of that kind of article if you look around.

It’s extra frustrating as we see more and more European cities ban cars to simply wonderful results.

I would bet money the people who influenced Hochul don’t even come into the city.

Feels like Blogrolls could be the solution to bad search engines.* “Here are some vetted, trusted sources even if they are deindexed from the search engines.”

  • Especially the ones telling you to eat rocks.

The battery alone in this new Chevy must weigh more than non-EV cars in total.

Paul Waldman’s post on The New York Times is right on the money. The Times has an outsized amount of influence and I really wonder why it wields it the way it does.

Not sure how this particular video popped up in front of me of, but holy hell do I love Peep Show. I think it’s time for a re-watch.

I’ve found that if you want to know how Apple works and what Steve Jobs thought about a topic, just listen to him. He really did explain it all very clearly. It’s also something to listen to Swisher’s dumb questions/comments.

I’ve never wanted to be a librarian more.

TIL I am not capable of working at The Waffle House. I just sat down from separating the laundry because it was overwhelming.

It’s funny that Amazon is giving up on walking out when Apple stores have had it for years.

This is some bullshit!,” Merrick Garland, presumably.

Our media will be our downfall. Part whocankeeptrack?

A lot of people (all smarter than me) are very perplexed by the Apple lawsuitt brought forth by the U.S. DOJ. I wonder if this office shutting down is the answer to this and many other confusing statements by members of Congress when it comes to technology.

This is some bullshit!," Merrick Garland, presumably.

A quick follow-up to a post I wrote about years ago: Joni Mitchell et al., return to Spotify. Ah, well.

We watched American Fiction last night. It was excellent. Jeffrey Wright was so damned good. 👍

💪💪💪 Good for these folks. I hope to see more unions in the tech and publishing space.

Kids today! Are so awesome!

I just finished reading The Stand by Stephen King. It was long, but good. Rating: 👍 📚

Jon Stewart coming back to The Daily Show once a week got me thinking. It would be great if there were 20 hosts and they each did one show a month. The Daily Show would always be fresh and all these awesome hosts/staff wouldn’t be burdened with coming up with so much of the same material. I know I’m making it easier than it really is, but more Sam Bee, Jon Stewart, Larry Wilmore, Wyatt Cenac, etc.

We do love our children so part 293845. So many of our elected leaders are monsters.

Some months ago (I guess about nine at this point), I, along with thousands of other brilliant people, backed a Kickstarter project called Shift Happens. Since then, we’ve taken a journey with the author (and even his editor, Glenn) about not only the work behind the book but the work behind its printing.

Yesterday, we all got two more updates from Marcin Wichary about the project’s status. Each update (and there have been dozens) feels put together with such care that the updates and newsletters were worth the cost, and the book is a bonus.

I hope to find more projects like this. Thanks, Marcin.

Uh oh.

Our media willl be our downfall, part sigh. Nice work by CJR.

Super gross that Apple still advertises here.

It’s also pretty terrible that reporters are stilll using this service to post about their work but, for now, I’d rather punch up to Apple.