If people wear masks, we’ll be able to make it long enough to deal with the virus. If people quit Facebook, we’ll be able to make it long enough to deal with what’s happened to our democracy.

My daughter is supposed to start college in the fall (2020). All the schools are talking about going back into session (that is, having students back in campus) but I honestly don’t see how it’s going to happen. Same for all schools (not just college).

No vaccine, no in-person learning.* It’s really that simple.

*Shhh… don’t get me started on this distance-learning. It’s more like distance-assignments. I don’t blame the teachers. This virus-caused distribution is just another thing we plop onto the plate of underpaid and over-burdened people.

Turns out 2016 was the most important election.

Dear Satan, how can I be more evil? (Satan whispers in ear.) OK, I’ll do it!

Wouldn’t it be something if hospitals were as prepared to help us as police departments were to beat the shit out of us?

Also look at the military equipment the police have! Who the fuck are they anticipating to come across? If you think the police are here for you and me, I don’t know what to tell you. They are protecting the rich. And we’re paying for it. Medicare for all? Fuck off. Tanks for police? Yep.

Anyone remember the pandemic?

I don’t get it. Landlords are going to kick people out because they can’t pay rent only to leave these apartments empty? Who the hell do they think is going to be able to move in?

We’re going to go from “Teachers should be paid $1 million a day!” to “Tax revenues are down, so the teachers have to go. What else can be done?”

The party told you to reject the evidence of your eyes and ears. It was their final, most essential command.

Barbershops are open in Georgia, but elections are cancelled. We really are governed by the worst people.

Any podcast about libraries is my kind of podcast. Well, in this case, an episode about libraries will do. Libraries will always be my favorite place in the world. I can’t wait my local branch to reopen.

An alternative headline could be: More real estate to be available in Platteville, WI in June.

Trump is more afraid of real questions from reporters than he is of the virus.

Of course states are going to reopen despite thousands dying every day. We didn’t do a fucking thing about guns when little kids were slaughtered… Why would do anything about this virus?

When I read the news I wonder if we should even bother with a vaccine. I know that most people (the vast vast majority) are doing the right thing under difficult circumstances… But wow, reading the news.

When I get really down like this I still want a vaccine if for no other reason that I can begin petting the neighbor dogs again.

I’m not claiming the Dems are always on the side of the working class (because they are most definitely not), but there really is only one side actively trying to screw over those whose pockets aren’t fat with cash.

There is no way Apple isn’t working on the next generation of Smart Connector that does fast charging and fast data transfer.

Once it’s done and out, we’ll see all kinds of cool magnetic docks for the iPad line. Perfect for the big iPad that also has to be coming, right?

There are far more sociopaths in our society than I thought there were.

The Bird of Third is keeping me up at night. This time it started up at 2am rather than his more regular time of 3am.

What have you got to lose indeed.

Uh oh. Sounds like some Republicans are worried about a Biden presidency. Else why would they pretend to give a shit about the country’s debt?

It’s all forecasted in the Old Republicans’ Almanac.

It’s clear to some, but not enough, that our medical system is a criminal grift.

If you are rich it’s maybe OK, but for the rest of us?

Florida opened beaches on 17 April? So, the hospitalizations and death will be in… Mid May?

We’re ruled by the dumbest people.

Checks have been sent out? Here comes the looting.