⌨️ I’ve run into a weird bug with my clicky keyboard when using it with my iPad Pro. When I wake the iPad from sleep while the iPad is connected to the keyboard (connected via Apple’s USB-C to USB-A adapter), the iPad can’t connect to internet without first unplugging the keyboard. The iPad will then immediately connect and I can plug the keyboard back in and all is well.

I don’t think it’s a Wi-Fi issue since the Wi-Fi icon is still displayed in the status bar. Restarting it will temporarily help, but that’s not obviously a long-term solution. For now I can just tell the iPad not Auto-Lock (again, not a long-term solution).

Is it just my keyboard (Leopold FC 660M) or a bug in iOS? I am not sure how to file this bug as I’m not a software developer.

Update: It’s an iOS bug.

⌨️ Hobbies are a weird thing. Some of us get totally into some obscure area of interest while others don’t even know the whatever even exists. I’ve been hovering on going deeper into the world of mechanical keyboards for a while now. The more I read about them and the more I see customized, the more I want to… Actually, it’s just the more I want.

This Christmas I finally got the keycaps I’ve been wanting for years thanks to the generosity of my brother-in-law.

This is all to say I am nearly over the moon typing on my customized clicky keyboard.

🥤 I have begun my first attempt at cold brew from scratch.* I bought my first-ever burr grinder and some OXO cold brew pitcher contraption. Burr grinders, for those that don’t know, make a big ol mess. *Well, semi scratch. I didn’t grow the danged beans.

📺 If there is not a fourth season of Travelers then the world is shite and I don’t want to watch TV any longer. I haven’t loved characters this way since Firefly.

🤝 I spent some time on Friday and Saturday trying to get a Drafts action working, although honestly I had no idea what I was looking at. So I found the person who wrote the action and he explained the problem and how to get it working for me.

The internet has such a wonderful capability to be a source of endless good, yet we often get the worst of people. And the people who do that know exactly what they are doing when they do it. It’s a terrible shame.

Anyway, my thanks to Dave Nicholls for being a top-shelf kinda guy. He also has a micro blog but it’s sadly underutilized.

☠️ It’s shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone the United States of America would let a little girl die in custody when it’s the same callous country that’s done nothing about it’s horrendous lack of gun control which led to the killings of nearly two dozens little children (I refer to those children as babies and I don’t give a shit if people agree with me) just six years ago.

I will never not be shocked. I will never get over it. Those poor babies were scared at the last moment of their lives because the Republican Party and the NRA cared more about money and power than the lives of those little children. Those children. My children. Your children.

☠️ Now we’re killing the children we’ve kidnapped. How anyone -anyone at all- can remain members of the Republican Party is beyond me.* They have blood on their hands that will never wash off.

*It’s been over 30 years since I could understand how people could be members of the Republican Party.

💻 Here’s the thing, Jeff with a G, the best products aren’t always the most expensive. I bought the 11" iPad and, man, it feels like I got a deal. It’s smaller than my old 11" MacBook Air (which I still love, despite it getting quite dusty). It’s also lighter. And it’s just more fun to use.

I know it’s fun (and easy and clicky) to pick on Apple, but I’ve spent less money this year than years in the past. I literally bought the least expensive new devices they make. And they are friggin' great. For what I like and for what I do. I’d argue that the folks reading Jeffy-G’s article are closer to me than they want to believe.

It has to be fun, however, to always pick on the current big dog in the yard. When it comes to Apple, however, it’s always gotten picked on. No matter what size it was and no matter what the date.

🖥 I hope others are worried the one company which controls much of what’s seen on the internet is about to control how we see it too.

For a little bookkeeping: I meant to post this to this blog when I posted it to my other one. Oh, technology… How does it work?

🏛 For years now I’ve been going on and on* about how we should lower the minimum age for president and also lower maximum age for president. Most people think I’m nuts and being ageist. All y’all might want to reconsider my idea.

*I go on and on about everything, I know. Also, we should fund medical research the way we research for “better” killing machines.

🛰 Voyager 2 has entered interstellar space.

If I had a vocabulary that was more majestic or breath-taking rather than proletariat, I’d be able to say something other than holy shitballs this is amazing.

All the folks involved in this project are part genius and part hacker. But all scientist.

🤓 I used my new 11" iPad Pro without the keyboard folio this weekend. It’s so incredibly light. It continues to remind me of the iPhone 5 (that’s the model that it felt hollow to me). Anyway, this iPP is a really neat little machine. I have absolutely no buyer’s remorse.

🚗 Of course cars are a problem. If/when (OK, it’s really just IF) I ever leave NYC and my beloved Brooklyn, it would only be for a far less-expensive city, but not any less-expensive city. It has to have as high a walking score (roughly) as Brooklyn. Otherwise, I’m not interested.

Walking is good for you, doesn’t pollute, and, just as important, brings you closer to your community. I’ll all for banning or taxing the heck out of cars (put the collected tax money in public transportation).

🤓 I don’t get jealous about non-Apple tech all that often, but this NUC that my friend got is getting to me. It’s the Mac Mini I wish Apple had built. That being said, the update to the Mac Mini is really, really good.

💡 I’ve reached the point where my watch needs a software update (and sometimes restarted) but also my lightbulbs need a software update. Up to one hour per bulb… During which they might turn off.

If I end up sitting in the dark unaware of the time, it’s all my own fault.

🖕 Believing both sides of the science is like saying “I believe Tom Petty is alive and dead.” I wonder if she could have any motivations to believe the few studies that deny human-made climate change.

⚖️ Welcome back to the game of Worst State of the Union. Florida is still in the lead, but a new challenger is coming up fast. After having their governor make the worst business deal in the world, they’ve now taken away powers from the incoming governor and attorney general.

I guess Wisconsin is another state where I can’t spend any time.

⚖️ When things like this happen, it feels like the truth doesn’t matter at all anymore.

💻 I agree it’s a cute ad poking a little fun at the iPad, but why in the world would MS show its store as empty? Is this a spin on the whole truth in advertising?

💀 American football should be banned from schools. It’s literally hurting children every day and it should be banned.

📷 I received a picture of my father today. It was sent to me by my cousin and I didn’t think to ask how he came upon it. I guessed it was from the late 50s or early 60s, but it was 1970.

Two things stick out to me when looking at the picture. Pictures from 1970 look really old to me now. And I just didn’t know him. The man. My father.

Parts of my life from back then never overlapped with my life now. I guess it’s something I’ll never fully feel resolved about.

🗽 I’ve learned more about how Congress works from Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Instagram account than from anything else. Well almost anything else.

I hope you consider following her on Instagram and on Twitter. Thanks, Alexandria.

☠️ What am I supposed to say here? Things are going swimmingly and everyone will be okay?

I wonder if there’ll be a day when I don’t feel sick to my stomach from waking to sleeping.

😬 Google subsidiary doing a thing. That by itself gives me pause, even if it’s a bit (or totally!) unfair.

But another – possible less controversial – tactic is to tweak the pathogens that attack mosquitoes, like Wolbachia bacteria, which can be bred into to male mosquitoes (who don’t bite and therefore can be released in large numbers without concern that this will increase the number of everyday stings inflicted on people), and who will transmit the infections to females they mate with, rendering them sterile.

Rendering the females sterile. What could go wrong?

📲 Thanks to Jason Snell’s site for pointing out this great post criticizing the App Store. It’s freshing to read real honest issues about Apple (rather than the endless bullshit that gets posted each and every single day). In fact, it looks like all of David’s posts are well thought-out.