⌨️ I’ve run into a weird bug with my clicky keyboard when using it with my iPad Pro. When I wake the iPad from sleep while the iPad is connected to the keyboard (connected via Apple’s USB-C to USB-A adapter), the iPad can’t connect to internet without first unplugging the keyboard. The iPad will then immediately connect and I can plug the keyboard back in and all is well.

I don’t think it’s a Wi-Fi issue since the Wi-Fi icon is still displayed in the status bar. Restarting it will temporarily help, but that’s not obviously a long-term solution. For now I can just tell the iPad not Auto-Lock (again, not a long-term solution).

Is it just my keyboard (Leopold FC 660M) or a bug in iOS? I am not sure how to file this bug as I’m not a software developer.

Update: It’s an iOS bug.

Bob Schulties @bobschulties