💻 Here’s the thing, Jeff with a G, the best products aren’t always the most expensive. I bought the 11" iPad and, man, it feels like I got a deal. It’s smaller than my old 11" MacBook Air (which I still love, despite it getting quite dusty). It’s also lighter. And it’s just more fun to use.

I know it’s fun (and easy and clicky) to pick on Apple, but I’ve spent less money this year than years in the past. I literally bought the least expensive new devices they make. And they are friggin' great. For what I like and for what I do. I’d argue that the folks reading Jeffy-G’s article are closer to me than they want to believe.

It has to be fun, however, to always pick on the current big dog in the yard. When it comes to Apple, however, it’s always gotten picked on. No matter what size it was and no matter what the date.