I am not sure this counts as spooky… maybe more as eerie Or just sad. The New York Times’s Twitter account about war is shutting down before the wars end.

My guess was right: This iPhone 12 mini is very good. I’m still unsure of the battery, but it’s new so I’ll give it a few days to get itself together.

I think the most surprising aspect of my Apple Watch is that it’s not been an issue to wear it. I really thought I’d hate feeling something on my wrist.

Say what you want, but a few months of $100… and I have a new Mac mini. Hmm…

Because of this administration, this election cycle, and the current shenanigans, I don’t just feel old and tired, I feel elderly. I wake up at night and can’t get back to sleep for hours and hours. I actually feel like I’m going mad.

So… are we the people going to force Trump to leave the White House or will he use the military to force us to shut up?

Why was the Secretary of Defense fired? This seems so odd to me.

The DCCC doesn’t move to the left, they are going to find themselves in a bind come election time.

NYC didn’t celebrate this much when Obama won either time. This is really something. There was an inflated sense of dread earlier this week and this win really deflated it. Whew!

It’s puzzling the media haven’t called the election. If Trump we’re in the lead the election would have been called.

Growing up in the suburbs of NJ we’d have garage sales but didn’t own a garage. Now living in the city we have stoop sales but don’t have a stoop.

I also realized recently where I live now is the longest I’ve ever lived at one place.

Gonna need to listen to a lot of John Prine today. Thanks to his wonderful music and stories he’ll always be near.

I’m honestly astonished this is at all a close election. I get folks have different views on topics, but how in the world is there this much hate?

After I vote tomorrow I hope I can concentrate on work. But it might be a lost day…

It’s a dreary day here and I’m sick over the upcoming election, but today we’re focusing on making our home as comfortable as possible for whatever comes our way. Today: Finishing up painting the foyer and hallway. What are you doing to make your home as comfortable as you can?

If Biden wins this election and Dems don’t immediately take steps to: Abolish the electoral college, make voter registration automatic at 18, and move to grant DC and Puerto Rico statehood, then we know this will happen again.

We can’t make people vote, but we certainly have to make it far easier to do so. How else? Extended voting times (one 18 hour period… what?!), mail-in ballots, restore voting rights for those convicted of crimes, a new holiday: Election Day.

Elections are important and we should want everyone to participate. The only ones who don’t want this are the ones who benefit from fewer people voting.

Apple Engineer Novall Khan feels spiritually related to AOC. Both super smart women trying to make the better world. I bet they do make it better, too.

🍿 We watched The Way I See It and, after being annoyed at how good of a photographer Pete Souza is, we enjoyed it.1 In not too long a time we’re going to see, literally see, a stark contrast from Barack Obama to the Orange Turd. Oh, I suppose I’m wrong now that I think about it. We’re literally not going to see the contrast because there will be essentially no photographic evidence to support Trump’s humanity while being president.

  1. It was only me being jealous. [return]

📷 A northeast path from Prospect Park West into Prospect Park in Brooklyn, NY. 8:31pm.

Late evening walks make for a less crowded park which is, under the circumstances, a more appealing prospect. #adayinthelife

Not only am I still in disbelief American newspapers aren’t running banner headlines demanding the president resign, I can’t understand how the hell people are still showing up for work at the White House.

The president is sick with COVID-19 and does NOT give a shit about you. He will get you sick and you will get your family sick.

Trump got the nuclear football guy sick? Trump has gotten more military personnel sick than, I imagine, any terrorist could have hoped to do themselves.

📰 I can’t believe I didn’t know the Newseum app, Today’s Front Pages, existed. This is the kind of thing I’ve dreamed about. It’s available for Android too!

While two old white men argued last night… Greenland’s ice sheet got smaller and smaller.

“Folks, talk about whatever you like because I have no control over this.” -Wallace

I’m a bit embarrassed to say that all it took for me to forget about Instagram was moving the app to a folder on my second home screen. I haven’t opened it in days and forgot about it enough that Instagram sent an email saying “Your friends have new posts!”