I love it when a tweet sums up my feelings. The right still controls the narrative.

This person might be the worst possible choice for Secretary of Transportation. I’m not saying Biden is going to pick Rahm… But if he does… He couldn’t pick a worse person. Rahm is a terrible person in every meaning of the word.

The DCCC doesn’t move to the left, they are going to find themselves in a bind come election time.

NYC didn’t celebrate this much when Obama won either time. This is really something. There was an inflated sense of dread earlier this week and this win really deflated it. Whew!

If Biden wins this election and Dems don’t immediately take steps to: Abolish the electoral college, make voter registration automatic at 18, and move to grant DC and Puerto Rico statehood, then we know this will happen again.

We can’t make people vote, but we certainly have to make it far easier to do so. How else? Extended voting times (one 18 hour period… what?!), mail-in ballots, restore voting rights for those convicted of crimes, a new holiday: Election Day.

Elections are important and we should want everyone to participate. The only ones who don’t want this are the ones who benefit from fewer people voting.

Apple Engineer Novall Khan feels spiritually related to AOC. Both super smart women trying to make the better world. I bet they do make it better, too.

Trump got the nuclear football guy sick? Trump has gotten more military personnel sick than, I imagine, any terrorist could have hoped to do themselves.

While two old white men argued last night… Greenland’s ice sheet got smaller and smaller.

Nothing, on any level, will ever get better in the United States until the United States adopts a single-payer health care system. Everything revolves around that.

📰 Woodward had recordings since February and we’re only hearing about them now?!

I keep seeing headlines that read (I’m paraphrasing) Biden campaign brings in $300 million (Clinton brought in $150 million in same time frame)

The fact this kind of money is needed to win anything is depressing1 because I imagine there are many folks out there with fantastic, live-changing ideas will never be able to raise that kind of money.

  1. It’s also hella gross. [return]

📰 Every single newspaper should be calling for Trump to resign1. Who is controlling Biden? “People that you’ve never heard of, people that are in the dark shadows.”

This is the talk of a person unfit for office. Everyone knows it, but no one is saying it. As soon as one big newspaper prints it, others will follow.

  1. 100s of newspapers did this to Bill Clinton. [return]

🍔🍟☠️ I wonder how many died as a result of not listening to health experts? Do the people responsible for this feel any guilt? Haha, just kidding. They have no feelings other than rage and hate.

🏫👩🏾‍🦱📓 Reopening in-person teaching in grade schools now is premature. There is no vaccine and there aren’t enough treatments of symptoms. I’m fully aware of the hardships parents face and I understand young children could see some social developments hindered.

Nevertheless, opening schools in facilities that were, even in the best of times, merely adequate, will show us the devastation of this virus. To be clear, it’s not just the facilities that are the issue. Young children will not be able to not closely interact with one another. And it’s not their fault. Young children should run and play and hug... so we have to step in until science figures this out.

If NYC teachers go on strike, I will support their decision. My children were fortunate to have some completely wonderful people as their teachers (and one child still does). Stay strong teachers, I love you.

Even with a vaccine (which is still only a maybe), 2021 will be another lost year.

This is such bullshit. The school system is only reversing her suspension because it makes them look bad, not because they truly believe they were wrong about it in the first place. The student in question should demand it stay on there. It’s a sign of making good trouble. And, by the way, good for her!

The olds are scared. Lower it to 16, I say.

Is 150,000 a lot?

🖕 Those playing a game know to protect their own and sacrifice the pawns first. The amount of fuck and you can’t be combined fast enough for these puckered anuses.

“These kids have got to get back to school,” Parson told Cox. “They’re at the lowest risk possible. And if they do get COVID-19, which they will — and they will when they go to school — they’re not going to the hospitals. They’re not going to have to sit in doctor’s offices. They’re going to go home and they’re going to get over it.”

Either Republicans leaders don’t understand the science or they don’t give shit. Ha, just kidding. They know the science1. They just know if they say what their constituents want to hear, everyone will be happy. Some will die, of course, but… (see footnote).

  1. Also, they don’t give a shit. [return]

🖕 A designer played a part in this. Boils my blood and reminds me of a zine by my close personal friend, Mike1.

  1. Not a close personal friend :( [return]

Ron DeSantis is responsible for a lot of death. And I here I thought Rick Scott was a fuckup.1

  1. Oh he sure as fuck is. [return]

☠️☠️☠️ Fuck the death penalty.

👱🏼‍♀️🏫☠️ If school districts insist on opening without an honest-to-goodness plan in mind that centers around the health of everyone (teachers, paraprofessional, staff, and students), then the entire country’s teachers’ union should go on strike.

What the hell is the point of a union if it can’t, if nothing else, protect you from unsafe working conditions?

Schools are NOT babysitters.

If people wear masks, we’ll be able to make it long enough to deal with the virus. If people quit Facebook, we’ll be able to make it long enough to deal with what’s happened to our democracy.