America is a cruel, cruel country.

The proposed MCPS policy says families that do not qualify for federal free and reduced-price meal programs but have a lunch debt of more than $35 would get “alternative meals” — usually a sandwich rather than a hot meal — until the debt is paid.

But we do love our children so.

🍔👩🏾‍🦱🖕 USDA announces free lunch for all of next school year (2021-2022). Yay! Wait a minute… We could have done this all along but chose not to? Death cult is gonna death cult. #politics

I said to my wife tonight, “The only woman I’d leave you for is Jen Psaki.” And she said, “Yeah, that’s fine.” I married, and would leave, the right woman.

👴🗒📰 I watched President Biden’s press conference today and I have never been more embarrassed watching our national press than I was today.

Our national press writes about whatever the GOP wants to make the main issue of the day. What a joke.

Is 550,000 a lot?

Congratulations to Secretary of the Interior Deb Haaland. The best time to have her in this position was a long time ago, but the second best time was now. I’m so glad it happened. #Politics

💉👩🏻👍🏻 I got my first vaccination today. It was run so efficiently I was out of there in under 25 min (with the 15 min reaction wait included). Well done folks!

👩🏻‍🦰💪❤️ My word is Jen Psaki awesome. Awesome isn’t even the right word. She’s a true professional and I honestly can’t think of any other press secretary as good as she is. Or one who even comes close. I am most impressed with her ability to not say “You are full of you know what and you know it.”

It was years ago when McCain picked, somehow, Palin to be his running mate I began to hear the phrase “lame stream media.” While Palin (and her ilk) didn’t mean it the same way, our main stream media is lame as hell.

Take The New York Times. They suck. I’ll leave it at that… but boy do they suck.

We sure do love our children so. (Narrator: They do not love their children so.)

Is 450,000 a lot?

GOP lawmakers seek to end mask mandate, public health emergency. Looks like there’ll be cheap land in Wisconsin soon.

🇺🇸🏴‍☠️🇺🇸 The start of a civil war doesn’t get a date until history looks back on it. I’m guessing it’ll be around Jan 6, 2021, though.

🖕🖕🖕 No Republican is dumping Trump because they’ve suddenly found a conscience. He’s dead weight, so they’re cutting him loose. They still think like him. He’s lied, they’ve lied.

Is he still, you know, president?

How in the world has Trump not been impeached again? Also, at this point, I also have no idea why our constitution has the 25th amendment. Did the folks who wrote and ratified that amendment have someone worse in mind?

Looks like I’ve just become a fan of someone I’ve not heard of until right now.

Some advisers close to President-elect Joe Biden are frustrated over a Glamour magazine interview in which incoming White House deputy chief of staff Jen O’Malley Dillon referred to Republicans on Capitol Hill as “f*ckers.”

Go, Jen O’Malley Dillon!

Only one side doing this.

Only one side doing this.

I love it when a tweet sums up my feelings. The right still controls the narrative.

This person might be the worst possible choice for Secretary of Transportation. I’m not saying Biden is going to pick Rahm… But if he does… He couldn’t pick a worse person. Rahm is a terrible person in every meaning of the word.

The DCCC doesn’t move to the left, they are going to find themselves in a bind come election time.

NYC didn’t celebrate this much when Obama won either time. This is really something. There was an inflated sense of dread earlier this week and this win really deflated it. Whew!

If Biden wins this election and Dems don’t immediately take steps to: Abolish the electoral college, make voter registration automatic at 18, and move to grant DC and Puerto Rico statehood, then we know this will happen again.

We can’t make people vote, but we certainly have to make it far easier to do so. How else? Extended voting times (one 18 hour period… what?!), mail-in ballots, restore voting rights for those convicted of crimes, a new holiday: Election Day.

Elections are important and we should want everyone to participate. The only ones who don’t want this are the ones who benefit from fewer people voting.

Apple Engineer Novall Khan feels spiritually related to AOC. Both super smart women trying to make the better world. I bet they do make it better, too.