I’ve found that if you want to know how Apple works and what Steve Jobs thought about a topic, just listen to him. He really did explain it all very clearly. It’s also something to listen to Swisher’s dumb questions/comments.

It’s funny that Amazon is giving up on walking out when Apple stores have had it for years.

This is some bullshit!,” Merrick Garland, presumably.

A lot of people (all smarter than me) are very perplexed by the Apple lawsuitt brought forth by the U.S. DOJ. I wonder if this office shutting down is the answer to this and many other confusing statements by members of Congress when it comes to technology.

This is some bullshit!," Merrick Garland, presumably.

I listen to the Apple New Today podcast every day. I find it to be the best of the <10 min morning news summaries. I have noticed that in the last few months ANT has been adding more and more sound bites from ESPN. With all the talk about Apple buying Disney, I wonder if Apple in particular wants ESPN.

Tech sites: Man, traffic is down, ad sales are down… Maybe Apple will create something we can all have hot takes on.
Intern: Even without using the thing?
Tech sites: Yes.
Apple: Here’s our idea for a new kind of computing.
Intern: I wrote up 1,000 words about how this will make us all sad forever.
Tech sites: Without using the product?
Intern: Yes.
Tech sites: Attaboy!

I am currently reading The Angel on the Roof by Russell Banks. This American Life recently included an old segment featuring Banks. I got the book from the library and they had to dig it out of the archives. That made me a bit sad. It’s slow reading for me, but I am enjoying the stories.

I somehow had missed the book Revolution in the Valley by Andy Hertfeld. Many of the stories, if not all, are available on his site, Folklore, but I am glad to have the stories in one collection to hold. And the pictures are bigger and that’s fun for me.

We’ve been watching Bad Sisters and that’s been a blast. How I can really, really like this family is something else. But I really do.

And because I am weak, and will watch anything sci-fi, I started watching The Ark. It’s buttocks. I watched the three available episodes (I know, I know, I can’t help myself).

Finally, raise a glass to Leiji Matsumoto who helped create Space Battleship Yamato, known in the U.S. as Star Blazers.

I don’t agree often with Marco Arment but I completely agree there are too many scams in the App Store.

Maybe it’s time for an App Store within the App Store. That’s where the curated apps would completely checked by Apple. The others are there, just with fewer checks.

🍎😷👎 This is terribly irresponsible. Apple shouldn’t do this until trusted health officials give the okay.

New Keyboard Smell

🍎⌨️😶 It always struck me that Apple, simultaneously, makes a great keyboard and a terrible keyboard.

But Apple has seen the light and is now striving to make more customers happy with a new 16-inch MacBook Pro that has a redesigned keyboard. While it definitely took too long, it’s fixed and now we just have to wait for it to trickle down into the rest of the lineup. I would guess not too long into 2020.

🍎📺➕ I suppose even if folks are complaining about Apple’s TV shows, it’s a win for Apple because people are talking about them.

AirPods Pro

📱🎧🎤 The moment I saw version one of the AirPods I knew I wanted them. I had already had enough of my EarPods getting caught in a fellow commuter’s tangle. The moment an earbud gets ripped out of ear is jarring enough (enough to induce insta-rage), but it’s another when you have to start following them lest you have no headphones for the rest of your commute. Also (and this was the deal breaker), I managed to get myself tangled up in the stupid cable and smashed my iPhone 6 Plus to the sidewalk with such force you likely felt it. You certainly heard my yell. Truth be told, it was 100% my fault and not the cable’s fault. I mean, how could it be the cable’s fault? Seriously, the amount of times the man-baby in me comes out is embarrasing enough… but to have to go to the Apple store on top of it? I didn’t mention the man-baby part.

Anyway, the moment I saw the AirPods I knew I had to have them. Of course, they were completely out of stock for weeks and weeks. (Insert more man-baby shenanigans here). Thanks to a lovely co-worker’s husband (who worked at Apple), I was tipped off as to when his store got a shipment (thanks, John!). I loved the AirPods from the moment I put them in. I used them nearly every single day since I got them.

So when I tell you I love the AirPods Pro even more… Well, I can’t explain it. I’ve never, ever owned anything with active noise cancellation before and I’ll tell you: If you have a commute that involves a loud subway, you must get these. I literally keep the volume lower because of ANC. That’s gotta be good for my ear health.

I’m not saying they are a bargain. I am saying they are great. If you can swing them, get them. If you can’t swing them, save up.

I know there’s a thing going around about how the AirPods Pro aren’t serviceable enough and so Apple doesn’t care about the environment. It’s a valid stance. But I don’t recall seeing this for the decade(s) before about the wired headphones constantly being crappy. No, the complaints only rise when it’s 1) Apple and 2) When it’s a hit product. When something is bad, sure, bitch about it. But do it equally. I, however, won’t be able to hear you because of my AirPods Pro are really quite good.

🎥📺👍 It’s been a banner week in our world of entertainment for me and the boy. We went to see Joker, then I watched one episode of See and both watched two episodes of For All Mankind.

In order: Joker was excellent. Holy crap. Totally worth seeing (although I don’t think you need to see it in the cinema). I think it was the first movie my son has seen that depicted killing in such an explicit manner. Sure he’s seen lots of movies, but Joker felt different. I could see the expression in his face and it what should be expected when you see someone’s head bashed in. See’s first episode was good, although it does remain to be seen (ha!) if I’ll keep up with it. I don’t really need another gory show/movie in my life. For All Mankind has been pretty good as well, but that too remains to be seen. I will watch the third soon.

Apple TV+ is free so the value proposition is way in my favor. I’ve read/seen tweets scroll past about production values or where some shots were redone. Who gives a shit? I get it if you are in the industry, but I’m just a regular Joe watching TV so I don’t weep after reading the news. I care about the story, the characters, and if it has decent enough production values that I don’t wonder “Was that a coffee cup in the background?” I don’t yet care about the characters in See and I’m waiting for something bigger to happen in For All Mankind so that I care more about brand new people in this world.

Anyway, make sure to see Joker and give the Apple TV+ shows a chance .(there’s a good chance they’re free for you anyway). Oh, I like Apple’s start up chime before each show. Ah, the memories.

🍎😠👎 I expect more out of Apple in absolutely everything they do. I also expect restraint. Just because you can do something with a web page





🍎 💻🤮 It’s hard to overstate how badly Apple has failed with its current line of portable Macintosh computers. I’ve been using a 2017 MacBook Pro for about 2 1/2 years and it’s near the worst Mac portable I’ve ever used (only the PowerBook 5300cs was worse). It’s gotta be the worst Mac portable in the modern era (I’m defining the modern era starting in 1998). At the beginning of the current design (2016), I assumed all the problems were exaggerated by people looking for more pageviews, hearts, etc. Surely there can’t be that many issues with this line of machines, right?

Yes, I could understand that maybe folks didn’t like the feel of the newly designed keyboard, but that’s subjective. But the keyboard not working correctly? That’s objective. At this point, I have a sometimes-not-working left shift key and now my keyboard is doing one and sometimes two spaces per press and the battery vacillates between healthy and needing service. It also gets hot (although I blame Chrome for that).

If I could use macOS on a ThinkPad I would. And if I could use macOS that way, I’d get the X1 Extreme.