This is some bullshit!,” Merrick Garland, presumably.

We watched American Fiction last night. It was excellent. Jeffrey Wright was so damned good. 👍

Someone needs to make an app that makes it easy to subscribe and unsubscribe to streaming services. I think I could save a lot of money it was easier to turn these services on and off.

You know, kind of like how you can toggle off a subscription on an iPhone.

As a surprise, I took my son to see Singing in the Rain in the cinema. I will never tire of that movie. It’s about as perfect as a musical can be.

Watched The Banshees of Inisherin and while it’s listed as a black comedy, I think it should have been “Quite a dark, dark comedy.” This film had excellent acting and I give it a thumbs up.

Years ago my family and I walked along Inishmore which is part of the Aran Islands and the film’s location reminded me of being there. I could very easily see myself living on Inishmore (other than the language) one day.🍿

We watched the new Will Ferrell movie Spirited and it was actually a lot of fun. Yay! Ferrell just needs one more Christmas movie for the trifecta. We also watched The Muppet Christmas Carol and I’ve decided it’s the best version of all of the different A Christmas Carol I’ve seen. Finally, I alone watched Moonfall and it was terrible. So, now you don’t have to watch it. I knew it would be, but I rather enjoy watching terrible movies. I should really be reading books, but we all have our faults.

Everyone has good and bad day. I’m trying to remember the good ones and, if nothing else, learn from the bad ones.

Yesterday was a good day. My son and I went to see Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein. I didn’t tell him what we were seeing and by sheer luck the Nitehawk’s marquee didn’t have it listed, so he didn’t know what we were seeing until the movie’s title came up on the screen. The movie was a lot of fun. There is nearly nothing better than hearing your child laugh from joy.

Then I had some time to rebuilt a keyboard. Boy do I love me some clicky keyboards. Here’s the Class65 with Tattoine keycaps. Left side of Class65 keyboard with Tatooine keycapsRight side of Class65 keyboard with Tatooine keycaps

Then my son and I had supper together (all leftovers, which gives us both a great deal of satisfaction of not having wasted anything at all).

Finally, we finished The West Wing series.

That was a good day and I won’t forget it. I also won’t forget it because I wrote it down on my blog.

Finally went to the movies. My son and I are vaccinated and boosted and just needed a bit of semblance of a normal life. We wore our N95 masks and didn’t eat anything. It’s been 26 months since we were at the movies. Curse this virus for taking this away from us. Anyway, Spider-Man: No Way Home was just great. My son and I were so happy to just be at the movies that it could have been a craptastic film and we’da been happy. So glad it was a fun one. If Spider-Man is your thing, you’ll love it. Rating: Thumbs up.

🍿 I watched two movies recently. Rating as such:

The Midnight Sky: 👎
Soul: 👍

🍿 We watched The Way I See It and, after being annoyed at how good of a photographer Pete Souza is, we enjoyed it.1 In not too long a time we’re going to see, literally see, a stark contrast from Barack Obama to the Orange Turd. Oh, I suppose I’m wrong now that I think about it. We’re literally not going to see the contrast because there will be essentially no photographic evidence to support Trump’s humanity while being president.

  1. It was only me being jealous. ↩︎

🎥📺👍 It’s been a banner week in our world of entertainment for me and the boy. We went to see Joker, then I watched one episode of See and both watched two episodes of For All Mankind.

In order: Joker was excellent. Holy crap. Totally worth seeing (although I don’t think you need to see it in the cinema). I think it was the first movie my son has seen that depicted killing in such an explicit manner. Sure he’s seen lots of movies, but Joker felt different. I could see the expression in his face and it what should be expected when you see someone’s head bashed in. See’s first episode was good, although it does remain to be seen (ha!) if I’ll keep up with it. I don’t really need another gory show/movie in my life. For All Mankind has been pretty good as well, but that too remains to be seen. I will watch the third soon.

Apple TV+ is free so the value proposition is way in my favor. I’ve read/seen tweets scroll past about production values or where some shots were redone. Who gives a shit? I get it if you are in the industry, but I’m just a regular Joe watching TV so I don’t weep after reading the news. I care about the story, the characters, and if it has decent enough production values that I don’t wonder “Was that a coffee cup in the background?” I don’t yet care about the characters in See and I’m waiting for something bigger to happen in For All Mankind so that I care more about brand new people in this world.

Anyway, make sure to see Joker and give the Apple TV+ shows a chance .(there’s a good chance they’re free for you anyway). Oh, I like Apple’s start up chime before each show. Ah, the memories.