Everyone has good and bad day. I’m trying to remember the good ones and, if nothing else, learn from the bad ones.

Yesterday was a good day. My son and I went to see Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein. I didn’t tell him what we were seeing and by sheer luck the Nitehawk’s marquee didn’t have it listed, so he didn’t know what we were seeing until the movie’s title came up on the screen. The movie was a lot of fun. There is nearly nothing better than hearing your child laugh from joy.

Then I had some time to rebuilt a keyboard. Boy do I love me some clicky keyboards. Here’s the Class65 with Tattoine keycaps. Left side of Class65 keyboard with Tatooine keycapsRight side of Class65 keyboard with Tatooine keycaps

Then my son and I had supper together (all leftovers, which gives us both a great deal of satisfaction of not having wasted anything at all).

Finally, we finished The West Wing series.

That was a good day and I won’t forget it. I also won’t forget it because I wrote it down on my blog.