🎃 When I was younger I used to think traditions only came from people trying to relive the past.

My wife’s tradition of insisting we watch The Nightmare Before Christmas on Halloween is now going on for four or five years. At first I didn’t like it.

I’m not anti-Tim Burton, but his movies make me feel weird. I used to think that was bad until I realized most movies don’t make me feel anything at all. Other than, I guess, antipathy to Hollywood.

Now, as we watch the movie, I have to admit that while I still haven’t totally embraced it (I’m sitting here writing this after all), I am thankful we have another tradition we can call our own. My daughter is old enough that she no longer goes out trick or treating, while my son does. He’s younger yet doesn’t want -or need- us to come along.

As I get older I am thankful for our traditions. It’s like we’re making the future.