💻 My daughter is in need of a newer computer for school. When it comes to schoolwork, it makes complete sense, in my mind, an iPad is the right machine for the job. Why an iPad? It simply feels like the future compared to Mac (it hurts less than I thought it would to say that). And with new iPads just being released, it seems now is the time to jump.

But, sigh. My daughter’s school relies on G-Suite and the Google experience on iOS is very short from spectacular. Apple has to do two things in order to make this work (Google should but will not do this, so it falls to Apple):

  1. Let Safari grow to be as capable on iOS as it is on the Mac.
  2. Let the Files app be as useful as Finder is. I know the learning curve hits a brick wall when it comes to file management and manipulation, but come on. Find the right researchers and designers to make this work. Let us plug in a hard drive and be able to import files!

Until then, I can’t recommend an iPad for folks who rely on G-Suite.