I am not sure exactly how I thought it worked, but when I was first dipping my toe into the world of mechanical keyboards, I just didn’t believe (not couldn’t mine you, didn’t) believe people were paying this much for a keyboard. I knew they cost some amount of money, but not the figures I was seeing. And you had to put it together yourself? And, in fact, it was more money on top of these kits? And you had to pay up front and then waiting for months for something to get to you?

At some point I came across a keyboard that spoke to me. It was all the funness I was looking for: they right layout, a bit of old-school styling, and a little bit of flair (bezels that spread out some). So I ordered a Titan 65. At the same time I ordered some keycaps that also spoke to me. And because I didn’t know what I was ordering exactly, I ordered all the kits that were additional costs on top of the base kits of keycaps.

The entire order was over $550. And I’d still need to add stabilizers. And put it together.

Well, 685 days later(!), the Titan 65 was delivered. I put it together. I love it.