I guess it’s been a year and a half now that I’ve gotten deep into the mechanical keyboard hobby. Mostly, of course, the hobby consists of spending money and then waiting for something to be made.

I’ve met (“met”) so many friendly, helpful, supportive people in this hobby—some my age, some half, that I’m not sure I would have remained (somewhat) sane during this pandemic.

Never being into hobbies before and also never assembling items on my own (I don’t count Ikea furniture) I can’t believe I build my own keyboards and get as much excitement and pleasure out of them as I did on day one.

Here is the Class65 keyboard with Spark keycaps made by PBTfans. PBTfans is a new brand to me who seem to be making keycaps nearly as good as GMK (sharper than GMK, too) for a lot less money.

Bob Schulties @bobschulties