This is the Class 65 keyboard from MM Studio (the studio is based out of China). I was lucky enough to get into the first small in-stock sale of 50 units and got it straight away. The Class 65 only went into Interest Check in November so it’s remarkable I have it already. There was no build guide, so I did get tripped up a few times when trying to put it all together, but thanks to the absolutely wonderful community I’ve found, I got help and advice and got back on track. There is a group buy happening in February 2022 and I hope to be able to contribute to an official build guide before the next units ship out.

I built it with Silks Red switches and stabilizers from NovelKeys.

For this picture, I used [Cherry Sand keycaps] ( from NovelKeys. I know, I love NovelKeys!

Here it is with MT3 2048 keycaps from Drop.

Bob Schulties @bobschulties