🏛 🍪 🖕 Here’s the deal: There is no talking to right wingers. They are not arguing in good faith. They. Don’t. Give. A. Shit.

California Representative Katie Porter explained to HUD Secretary Jokester Carson what REO is and how it applies to HUD. Now, if I’m being generous, I am willing to give Jokester Carson a break because maybe he couldn’t know everything single thing HUD works on despite that, you know, being his job. And because he has no background in it and didn’t even want the job anyway.

But to have him joke about it?! Not only is this a serious matter, it was a shitty joke. And then to have a reporter from The Washington Post essentially give that tweet a thumbs up?!

And before anyone says, “Oh, lighten up. You poor libs can’t take a joke!” Here’s a joke: Go fuck yourself.