🚀 I worry about getting older. Not scary health things (though I’ve had at least one I remember and I guess they do worry me), but I’m more worried about the everyday. You know, walking, hearing, etc. I’ve been fortunate that I can still walk wherever I want in any condition I’ve ever been able to walk in, but one thing that is bothering me is hearing.

I swear I can hear things drips and weird mechanical issues and that gives me the impression my hearing isn’t gone gone. But, boy, watching new TV shows… I can’t hear. I crank the volume, I rewind and, still, nothing. Thank goodness for closed captions (aka, subtitles).

I’m watching the original Star Trek series and I can hear everything just fine. What’s changed?

Postscript. My son and I visited the National Air and Space Museum and got to see the Enterprise. THE model used on the TV show. It was great.

Bob Schulties @bobschulties