👩‍⚕️ A lot of people are talking about Apple’s next big thing. Many people are claiming there’ll be nothing as big as the iPhone. It’s a good argument. A portable computer that came around at just the right time with just the right capabilities at a somewhat affordable price is hard to beat.

I do think there’s a next big thing. But it’s already here.

It’s clear that Apple is really putting a lot of effort into the Apple Watch. Like the iPhone, it’s named purely for acceptance reasons. And, again, like the iPhone, it could easily be named iPod because of all the things it can do. Sure, one could argue the Apple Watch is used more to tell the time than the iPhone is used for phone calls, but I’m comfortable saying the Apple Watch is a sleeper device. Named as such only to make it easier for us neophytes to accept.

The Apple Watch can show you the weather, let you read and send messages, play your music and podcasts, and, yeah, make phone calls. It can also tell summon help if you’ve fallen. It can even tell you if it thinks your heart is acting oddly. Today. That’s all available today. The next version will have another sensor. And the following year as well (along with improved sensors we’re using today).

I see a future where more and more people have an Apple Watch because, while there may be credible competition, who in the world are you going to trust with your health information? Huawei? Samsung? Google? Please.